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The most important prerequisite for good health is keeping the intestines clean, and that simply cannot be done without an enema. Although this sentence will probably not sound very popular to most people, it is a fact. The body’s defenses are formed in the intestines, which protect us against cancer and other diseases. 

It’s just our blocks—deep-seated fears and belief systems cultivated over the years that keep us from discovering the miraculous effects of enemas on our gut and health.

Experience is the only truth and one does not know until one tries it on oneself.

The biggest absolutely innovative advantage of Clysti is the use of the Clysti Quick Click® In-Out system. We were the very first to use this system in the bathrooms. This enables perfect and simple maintenance and cleaning after use.

– Clysti Founder

...just replace the existing bidet shower

even this, one of the biggest taboos, deserves a timeless design that makes it a common and pleasant ritual …don’t worry, we’re all human.

–  Clysti Creative Director

Bidet Shower

€99 EUR / head

Clysti STICK

€199 EUR / fullbox

Pure innovations

Not only can the Clysti heads be easily snapped on and off, but they can also be adjusted for right-handed or left-handed users with a simple twist, as well as for different position ergonomics and ways of use.

Simple combi-use with your existing faucets

CLYSTI REDUCTION QUICK FIX to G1/2  easy solution for absolute discretion


 €25 EUR

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